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From small offices to large boardrooms, Polycom offers a wide range of video conference solutions to meet the requirements of every organization.

Why Choosing Polycom

41% market share of the video conference systems in 2009

Open standard architecture for more flexibility


General Presentation

Thanks to Polycom video conference solutions, meeting with physically dispersed people becomes seamless and integrated.

For optimized video conferences, Polycom proposes a wide range of features such as multi-site video conference or a combination of carts and displays.

With Polycom you will experience the finest face to face communication over video.

The Polycom Video conference system will help you:

The different models proposed

Polycom® HDX 9000™ Series

The industry standard for performance and flexibility, the Polycom HDX 9000 Series is the ultimate high-definition integratorís codec, designed to be the core of any visual communication deployment.

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Polycom® HDX 8000™ Series

The Polycom HDX 8000 Series delivers advanced features and HD video, voice, and content sharing capabilities to conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces across the enterprise.

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Polycom® HDX 7000™ Series

The Polycom HDX 7000 Series offers mainstream telepresence capabilities to organizations seeking to quickly and easily enhance collaboration by linking dispersed team members.

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Polycom® HDX 6000™ Series

The Polycom HDX 6000 is a fully featured, low-cost, small group telepresence system that allows teams of people to easily connect over distance and enjoy high definition voice, video, and content sharing.

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