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The Aheeva Contact Centre Suite (CCS) is a customer interaction management solution that delivers intelligent call routing and contact management for inbound and outbound operations. Flexible and fully scalable, Aheeva CCS enables real-time monitoring, digital recording, load balancing, remote management and historical reporting.



+ Scalable solution that fits & grows your business needs

Flexible & Customisable

+ Run single location, multi-sites or home-based agents

+ Ease of implementation and usage

+ Flexible, real-time monitoring, reporting & statistics

+ Skill-based routing offers higher quality of customised services

Reduced Costs

+ Open Source

+ Lower your maintenance and support costs

+ Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Agents Statistics

Non-answered Calls

Answered Calls

Asterisk® based, Aheeva CCS is capable of interoperating with a broad set of telephony devices and protocols. The Aheeva Solution can easily grow to meet your expanding business needs, with and unlimited number of agents in a single or multiple locations.


Inbound skills based Routing And IVR

Accurately route calls by matching customers call to the right agent.

Provide the agents with customers profiles and preferences.

Friendly graphical user Interface.

Outbound calls management

Control the time interval between calls, the number of times the dialer tries to reach a customer and other outgoing campaign settings .

Automate the dialler to adjust to customer and agent availability.

Auto detection of answering machines, busy lines and fax machines.

4 dialling modes :

Remote Management

Monitor your operations from everywhere with a PC or laptop using an Internet connection.

Monitor and enhance your productivity remotely with a secure, access controlled interface.


Gain real-time visibility into key business metrics.

Different proven reports available but you may also create your own reports.

Evaluate your call centre's productivity on all the aspects.

Quality monitoring tools

Evaluate your quality of service, adherence to business policies and response to sales efforts with call quality monitoring.

Supervise performance with live monitoring in the CCS.

100% digital call recording.

Supervise calls in real time:

Workforce management

Create, publish and adjust the work schedule of your agents in Color coded diagram.

Color coded diagram displays instantly who is doing what and why (work periods, breaks or meals and adherence to work schedule).

Choose daily, monthly or yearly reports on adherence to work schedule